The Curse of Talib's Tomb

Damn, you know who you are seeking treasure ....

Doctor Havistock adopted its own Taschentüchlein white épousseté the sweat of his brow. "I say Higgins. Here, it's hot in the midday sun. If I ask a drop of water?" Arthur Higgins reached in his backpack and fired a metal cylinder filled with clear water and fresh, it has a doctor. Higgins runzelte forehead, because the doctor on his lips fat. As it is slurped water drop rann her chin and went in the hot sand. This is not the first time that Higgins wanted, it would never be in Egypt, with this crazy fat and friends. But money is money, and this trip has given him more in the month, as he was, he could get a year in England as Butler. But although his wife, Elsie had told him that "money is not all that Arthur !'... As she was right.

Doctor Havistock put the cap on the bottle and brought back to Higgins. "Now there Carmarthen. Ditch We geschundenen in the sand for hours now, and no sign of your precious tomb. Why do we call a day in the head and neck, to the hotel for a Sherry beautiful. for medical purposes, of course! "

Lord Carmarthen stopped digging and had a look back over the dignity doctor. The man has always been complaining, but it was meaningless as evidence, especially if a snake had bitten young Rowley. Her daughter would have never forgiven if her fiancé is not returned from Egypt. Lord Carmarthen, Rowley and Higgins, the sleeves of his white shirts rolled up soaked with sweat and their backs. The good doctor has always making felt hats and his coat, holds an umbrella to themselves of the plate dodue sun.

"I do not know why we would not have rented to dig a few servants, to do so. Because you are one of the richest men in London," the doctor stöhnte.

"I have already. Tomb This is a mystery. Fewer there are people who know, the better." All Others think Talib was buried 30 miles away from there, "replied Carmarthen continue to widen.". .. And they are probably right! Murmelte the doctor is not quite strong enough to be heard.

Alistair Rowley at 22 was the youngest on the dig, and by far the most enthusiastic. Nevertheless, studying archaeology at Oxford University, he jumped at the chance, his father, soon followed in the law on a real dig to Egypt. He dried his zottige black hair and eyes of his shovel has plunged once again into the soft sand. His friends at Oxford was whether she wanted to spit blood. This is the chance to discover and the famous Temple of Pharaoh Talib was too good to turn. Tous Rowley savait était que Talib mort a été entouré de mystère, et il était d'avis que le jeune roi avait volé tous ses pays, la richesse et cachée dans une chambre secrète, jusqu'à ce qu'il ait été trouvée, et the death of his own people. To be honest Rowley not really to care for the treasury, but the first to discover something new, it had become irresistible. Of course, it would not be known his reputation, an injury to all!

Still daydreaming Rowley barely noticed, as something hit his shovel fixed. Higgins, beside him dig heard the sound of the shovel to hit something, it certainly was not the sand. "Mr. Rowley cheese, what was that?"

"Sorry Higgins, what did you say?"

"What was the level of noise sir?"

Rowley find his shovel in the sand, and this time was the tone of the inimitable tones of metal on a hard surface.

"Stop digging Alistair." From Lord Carmarthen. "Just wait!"

Carmarthen rushed to his pocket and a small brush, and where rushed Rowley's schürend shovel in the sand. He bent down and gently rubbed the sand removed with the brush, a stone brute.

"Now, with our hands, not to say more digging!" Carmarthen breathing hurry. "You too Doctor. We found something."

Doctor Havistock verschnupfte and inflated, but he dug his hands in the sand. In addition, it was felt to be a growing sense of tension.

In less than one hour, the team of men took careful emerged stone door, and a man, they were regarded as schwindelnd with the excitement of an accumulation of students.

"So how do we get in there?" Rowley asked impatient.

"That is the problem. There is no grip, no key and the door is closed eingezwängt. Even the best barrier Picker in London was unable us all there," said Higgins.

"Oh yes Higgins, but there are not many players locking wine in London, Reading, there are hieroglyphics? Carmarthen replied with a smile.

"So what he says, old man?" Havistock asked.

"I fear that it is not really help much, in fact, it is not particularly nice," replied Lord Carmarthen.

"No kind?" Gebraust Havistock "What do you mean?"


For any of you do well,

Another is not to see

Someone is going to die in three,

But I saved the best for last ...

It is not know when the time has elapsed ...."

"Well, what that means?" Rowley asked young people.

"Blast, when I know .... boy explode if I know," replied Dr. Havistock him take his hat on the head.


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