Personal Life vs Business Life in Second Life

What a strange sounds like my title, "Personal Business Life Life vs. Second Life," is a very precise description of how my own experience of Second Life.

When I started, the outbreak of Second Life's virtual world, it was my intention, a business owner, but I was not prepared for the social aspect of Second Life and social activities can participate , and that I was distracted from my store targets Who I came in Second Life, and to develop a good personal life, and then I was inspired to build a museum to realize that after all that has been in Second Life I had this art yen to share with others.

Then, my personal life has been very hectic entrepreneurial activity and the activity of the city. Who in my personal life in the early days, very happy and generous support my efforts and drew me away from the stress of the building, if I needed a break.

In this case, the opening of the museum passes and my personal life non-existent in my personal involvement with my family Second Life ended because of the large number of reasons. I have buried in my museum preserved, and is in contact with two or three of my friends from my previous life, and then I discovered a beautiful night club named Lady Killerz.

Killerz Lady is a lady's Club, where only men strip entertain guests, the VIP tower, dancing, flirting, and have had a lot of fun with the employees. I started then to hiring new friends on the club and new people to learn about and appreciate life even in Second Life and redefine Jewell Atlantis was really during the months of September and October They have been isolated months, however, employees at the end of solitude was, it was destiny that I am in a very convincing Lady Killerz.

It was a Sunday afternoon in Real Life, just before Halloween, and I was still working as usual in my museum, and I have a group of AU Killerz Lady and a few of the boys were present at the Conference invites the beautiful ladies, VIP On the afternoon with a fun and entertainment. I had a particularly stressful day trying to place in the museum of arts and crafts to receive an IM from a person who teleporter one I bought, who have never worked, and the refusal repairing or replacing, and also, this was the second consecutive day, I was too busy to go to work immediately in the club. Now, on Saturday, before the day on which I was active, and if I am ready to go, I am in the club after reading all taquinante pleasure at the conference of the group, and no one was there for me today was jonesing for the club.

I teleported still in the club, and no one was there! I decided that, after two days in a number of reading the steam IB conference, that not everyone with all those who, after the Aufschneiderei I wrote some of my own demanding Chat know where everybody was ... At any left! I have two boys, in conversation, it was IB, I wanted one or the other, and to show that the two would be better!

In a long walk, gebräunt haired, tattooed man who would eventually rock my Second Life, Papo Lungu. It takes a little, he decided, before focusing on the business with dance and entertainment! Real Life called me shortly thereafter, and I am connected.

Typically, in Second Life, I am looking for a generous and a lot of understanding, politely, and then I am in the life of the first, and I felt humiliated, I was so rude and demanding on the new type of Killerz . The month of November was a month of decisions and changes in my personal life and the acquisition of real estate in Second Life, I was Mr. Lungu commitment to stand by as a companion to concentrate on various events that took needs me to begin with, and participation in someone on my page Was much more fun.

The first thing I discovered upon him, said that he had in Second Life, which left me and seven sixes and, as I have never hired someone to accompany me everywhere, I got over it. Then I learned that he was a master of BDSM and I spent several weeks in the order or if it is not an opportunity and ask him to accept me as his sub. I asked and he said yes.

Slowly I fell behind my work at the museum crawl, at the last minute, I would not accept that someone, I just delays, it was then that I realized that my life was business sandwiched between my personal life and I Eu on the discipline itself and the work my Second Life, as the abundance of the first to juggle my life, so that my personal life and my life would Mesh affairs, and not struggle, the struggle to juggle is true, but the effort is worthwhile.

Recently, I learned that many people who have something called Second Life or alternative Alt. It is an alternative Avatar they create, so it is not interrupted by well-intentioned people to their list of friends.

Do I have an old? Yes, but it was designed so that I would have a second member of the group Elven magic Property Group, so I am in my proprietary Second Life. I in November, and left them on the island Basic, (which has improved, and too many things have changed since I was born!) On 07 December, I therefore necessary to proceed to a woman for an additional photo session, I have been working, and I have on the mainland and took the picture and made it possible to draw in the caves of Felicity.

I do not have my job like old animals, as it is a quengeln that many people, and to focus on areas where they subterranean rules supreme! If you have not guessed, yes, it is an elf, a black elf, also known as the Drow.

So how can we balance personal life and professional life in a Second Life? Work hard at it, compromise, and enjoy every moment, in any full-time, and that Seize Second Life, and it is you!


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