Monday, February 11, 2008

Darkest of Russian Fairy Tale Stories - An Introduction And The Importance Of Elders

Russia has a history of difficult climate cold and dark, mixed with a host of enemies of the Mongolian invaders in French justice one of the most difficult of these places in the world, in the attempt to their livelihoods . Also frightening, the lives of the first inhabitants of Russia, as much by the rest of Europe, she chose the freedom of the physical property. In Russia, however, many of these serfs, slaves virtual able to be bought and sold, and sometimes, the biggest bloc of man in Russia, where most slaves. These poorest people had a great influence on the history of Russia, to change their perceptions, and even stories of artisans.

The Russian people also had great difficulties, ranking at the numerous convictions of his country, in such a big country with so many people, where a number of belief systems, if Christianity has been established. However, in many of its aspects, such as Christianity marked by local beliefs, as in theirs. The prevalence of certain kinds of stories in the minds of fairy tales, stories Russia, is a good example. For farmers, the Russians, it seemed that collectively, that the spirit of the deceased in the coffin of the deceased resident in a building of their lives, they were more widely than in the sky. This spirit can put itself in time to bring to life, in particular through revenge, on the one hand, which had on its fall down. Thus, kills a witch or a vampire was not enough, because, after words, the protagonists in the history of fairy tale would also died on the face, as in fairy tales story of "The Princess Headless" . The story of a boy who accidentally caused the death of one of the witches, and it is obliged to their strong that he and tries to destroy them, in order to rise further. Fortunately for the boys, it is with friends, an old lady who explains to him how to protect themselves, the fear of the witch.

The oldest wisdom is an important feature of Russian fairy tales in the history of these signs, it is that know how to overcome evil. This sign not only knows how to overcome evil, but to make, as the protagonist again from the dead in "The Fiend" the story of a girl who, herself, without knowing it, an enemy , who kills and eats corpses His family, as it is formatted. Flirter unwittingly with a manifestation of evil is a common theme in the Russian folktales "Midnight Soldiers Watch" tells the story of a soldier who flirts with a witch, as he submits to death in the race. Fortunately for him, he also knows, an elder, who can tell how to overcome the girl.

It is not always the older generation who say, the protagonist, as to overcome evil, but sometimes it is the monster. In "The soldier and the Vampire" a bit of time and without the soldier made friends with a vampire, which tells how the soldiers to kill him. If the vampire, he made his secret compromise he tries to kill the soldiers. Death will not come simply to vampire with knowledge, as it applies to conquer, but burned as the vampire, but he tries to escape, as a swarm of vermin, if only one worm is in the ground, in the distance, and then Will be subject to the reintroduction of the vampire.

The evil in the stories of Russia is difficult to overcome, to the extent of collecting, even if it dies. This feature of evil can be found in Wales, among others, fairy tales. For farmers and people in the past, it seemed clear that the evil and the difficulties of life, which never ends, and so he arrived that his wicked stories of victory impossible to win.