There's a Rat in the Kitchen - And I Love It

I am here to ask for the computer animated images "Ratatouille." I do not know if it is only the atmosphere in which I was, as I saw it, but I was quite surprised in their brilliance. I know that I was one of the few people who have never seen (but I did). Everyone was telling me, as "soft" was, I went there only expects a daily average of the computer animated film, but what I received was really a good movie. Not everything looks to make a film, it can be even better, if it should prove that in the end very good. I do not believe that the artist could not, as this film, and not only because it is a technical dream, but also because he is an artist (yes, I know, it is a rat), which is to try, creativity To express it by boys who feel well (cooking). Plus, in this case all laugh, children and adults.

There are two things that are mentioned. First, the sound quality. Sure, a computer-generated images, we know that the sound is a very important element. It makes the characters are made to the land and over living in the real world, so that we, the public can no longer history than the truth. In this way, we participated with emotion. Well, the movie, "Ratatouille," everything has been said in the perspective of a rat named Remy.

However, we all know that the rats are so small that the note should be huge ..... And he was. Can be heard in the scene where Remy, drowning is the gutter. I too have a little klaustrophobisch in the scene, and I am not klaustrophobisch. Another element that must be stressed is the work. It may be the largest portion of funds earmarked for the odd time. The brutal treatment while hilarious. For example, in the scene where linguine, involved in an accident, Remy drop in the sea, it cut Linguine with triefend wet and always in an interview with Remy in the same position she was before him, he was, I believe in. You see, to guess.

My favorite part of the film was the sign. Best of all characters of them was linguine. It is, first, that the bulk came alive for me. The character of this character in the study was well done. He was also all that is absolutely delicious. He was a great character who was just trying to find his way in the world (that is what makes his character so funny at the beginning). Remy was very good, while there is more "fair play" character (with the exception of one of the funniest scenes in the film where he flies from the window with a cookbook on his head). Then there's the food from the character (voiced by Peter O 'Toole), and has a small but important part of the hard disk as food eingefleischt criticism. It is one of the most touching scenes in which he had a bite of the ratatouille and will be again when he has a little boy. This is a crucial moment in the film.

These are two very important themes in this film. The first is a bias. Only because Remy is a rat, it is both crude and unnecessary, something to kill and dispose. Linguine as unnecessary and clumsy, and not worth the trouble for someone. The point is that just because someone looks like a rat, it does not mean that it will be. It happens at the end, something of value that they are all in a different way. This is one of the greatest things in life, if it is not something to their face value, and it turned out that one of the most beautiful things that you have done.

The theme that I have the most accessible (as an actress), is that you can always make dreams come true, no matter what happens. Do what makes you feel at home. If you do, then your family and all the friends who love you unconditionally, it is always at the end. It's madness, that gives your art. You will receive in this hypnotic state in which you feel that you have expressed, or you can go to explode. Whatever you think, can be created. It is wonderful and crazy at the same time. I would say it is similar to love. Like your creative side blind. The passion takes you places you never before. At the end, you must complete ...... He, through which you that love in the proper sense.

Remy is right when he said: "Not everyone can be an artist, but an artist can everybody."

Likewise, a rat.


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